The popular opinion that women lose their libido after menopause is a myth. The truth is, they lose interest in their husbands. Reports indicate found that post-menopausal women in a relationship with a new man reported higher sex drives.

Whilst it?s true that sex happens less often after menopause, when it does happen, the experience is better – for the women and their man.

Older women are more self-confident and accept their bodies more than younger women. Moreover, many older women consider sex is a key factor in taking care of yourself as you get older.

And this can make older women sex dating a mind-blowing experience.

But before you even consider a local granny hook-up, you better make sure you know what older women want in bed – and be confident enough to deliver.

Passion and Pleasure

Older women say feeling sexy is not about how you look, but how you feel. Foreplay makes women feel sexy, and the more time men take to focus on their girl?s erogenous zones, the more passionate – and pleasurable – it is having granny sex.

Granny Sex Videos

Women lose oestrogen after menopause – which can often make sex dry and painful. To help them get in the mood, some older women enjoy watching porn during foreplay to help them get in their body function properly.

Dirty Pillow Talk

Age improves communication and intimacy – which makes granny sex much better. Older women are not afraid to ask for what they want in bed and will tell their man in explicit – dirty – detail. 

Granny dating is playful and passionate. But it?s the intimate conversation that can make the night go off with a bang. Dirty talk can make your partner more attractive and helps the two of you to connect – a prelude to incredible granny sex!

Men With Stamina

Women over 50 are no longer interested in wild, passionate quickies. They want men with stamina that can keep it up for 20 minutes or more. If you can?t last the pace, don?t expect your partner to be satisfied.

Amazing Orgasms

You may not know this but younger women sometimes fake an orgasm to make their man feel better about themselves. At a certain age, their mindset switches and they focus on what they want.

Older women know how to relax, let themselves go and have intense orgasms. And they?re not afraid to let their man know what gets them off!

Confident Men

Whilst many older women are confident in themselves, they also want their partner to be confident as well. They like a man that takes control – so don?t be afraid to tell her which position you want her in.

When you?re granny dating, you won?t get very far if you are timid and ask if it’s alright to do whatever. She doesn?t want to be asked, she wants to be told.

Sex Toys and Role Play

As women get older their sexual fantasies become more intense. Research shows that as fertility dwindles, older women have frequent sexual fantasies that are more intense than younger counterparts.

If you engage in a granny hook-up, don?t be surprised if she wants to role play or whips out sex toys.

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