That age-old question is often a concern for men. The truth of the matter is that a handful of women like ?em big and the rest prefer a more comfortable fit.?

Actually, the majority of women signing up to?sex dating sites?don?t care about how big you are. All they want is to enjoy themselves and hope you know how to use your equipment!

It?s understandable why some men feel inferior. The adult entertainment industry typically cast men with oversized schlongs. This naturally makes less endowed men feel insecure.?

Typical fears among men with small, and even an average-sized penis, is ?I’ll never satisfy and keep a partner? and ?I will be laughed at by women?.

This is not true. Researchers show that men make themselves unnecessarily anxious about the size of their penis.?

A study to determine the perception of penis size among men and women found that?penis size was a concern for 68.3% of the 200 male?participants. Yet women are less concerned about penis size than men are.

Another poll suggested that 56% of women are happy with an average-sized penis – which btw is 5.1 inches erect. 

What women actually want is for men to give them orgasm. And that?s more down to technique than size.

All Pain, No Gain?

Research has found that women psychologically prefer smaller and average size penises more than an oversized member.?

The assumption is that if a man is insecure about his lack of length and girth, he will try harder to please a woman with more foreplay, oral sex and hip movement. 

When it comes to sex hookups, skill trumps size. What really matters is you find a way to?have an enjoyable sex life.

When women have sex with well-endowed men it can be painful. Depending on the morphology of their vagina, a large member can tear the vulva and even bruise a woman?s cervix.?

A bigger than average penis can cause women to experience intense pain, bleeding, cramp and discomfort during sex. 

What?s more, having a one-night stand with a well-endowed man increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Sex with a condom invites more bacteria into the vagina and more vulvar erythema is produced. A genital injury also increases the risk of other infections.?

Sex Hook Ups Boost Confidence?

Men that have sexual hangups because of their penis size should try sex hook up sites. You can meet women for one -night stands and not have to worry about a long-term relationship.

Having said that, sex dating sites do produce long-term partnerships as well – so you never know until you try.

If you are worried about the size of your penis, learn the?sexual positions that enable you to penetrate deeper.?

But in all honesty, there are only 2.8% of men that have an abnormally small penis. So the chances are, you?ll be okay!

Don?t let the size of your penis stop you from enjoying sex. And if you do think women care about the size of your penis, why not join a sex hookup website and meet hundreds of horny women that will boost your confidence and help you realise size does not matter.